Realtime Server Monitor:

Something not lekker with your Emails, Website or something else hosted through us? If so please check out our real-time monitors so you can establish if the problem is on your side or ours. Our monitors update frequently and notify our team so if you do see an issue on our monitoring system there’s no need to call. Problems that occasionally arise will be dealt with as follows.

Major issues are extremely rare and we are so confident in our multiple redundant layers that we will refund your months payment should you be inconvenienced by over an hour of downtime.

All Systems OK!

All our diagnostics are reporting back good news and no issues have been reported. Happy Days!


We are performing afterhours or emergency maintenance. ETA usually around 15 - 20 minutes.

Minor Issues

We are currently experiencing some minor issues but should be up and running shortly.

Major Issues

We are currently experiencing a major incident, technicians are on full alert.

Overall Server Uptime Status - "Last 90 Days"

Hosted Exchange Servers:

Shared Mail Servers:

Shared Web Servers:

Cloud Servers:


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