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Last Updated 10 January 2020


Protecting our customer privacy is of utmost importance to us at Nexthost.

This document explains how we handle any data or information collected from you whilst you are visiting our website or using our services.


When visiting our website, the following information is collected automatically:


  • IP address.
  • Time, date and geological location.
  • Browser and operating system details.
  • Pages visited, as well as duration and data usage.


This information is stored only for the purposes of providing a better service and website experience as well as security.




For the purpose of security, we monitor all our services for unauthorised attempts to upload, change or illegally jeopardise any of our services in any way. We take security of all customer data very seriously and always do our best to comply with applicable data protection laws. We do not store passwords and encourage our customers to choose their own private passwords to ensure maximum security.


Consent to collection of personal information:


By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Nexthost, you as the customer consent to Nexthost’s collection of Personal information on an ongoing basis which shall be valid for the continued duration of your (the customer) relationship with Nexthost, subject to any limitations set out in this Privacy Policy.

The following falls under personal information:


  • Customer name, surname.
  • Physical address.
  • E-mail address.
  • Contact number. (Landline/Cell)
  • ID number.
  • Company name.
  • Any and all banking details.


Customer Data:


Customer data/info collected by Nexthost may be used for research regarding the effectiveness of the Nexthost website and related marketing/advertising efforts.


Customer’s personal contact information may be used to inform them of new products, important industry news or general services provided by Nexthost.


Retention & Disclosure of Personal information:


We will only retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes explicitly set out in this policy, unless authorised by law; or you have consented in writing.

During the period of retention, we will continue to abide by our non-disclosure obligations and will not share or sell your personal data.

We may retain your personal data in physical or electronic records at our discretion.

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