Welcome to Nexthost

Nexthost is a turnkey ISP and support business based in South Africa. We offer services like Hosted Exchange, cPanel, Windows and Linux hosting, as well as custom hosting solutions. We also offer a range of solutions to simplify the "every day" small to medium business network. We pride ourselves on ensuring our networks are fast, secure and always online. Our goal is simple, we would like to provide a well-priced, turnkey solution for small to medium businesses, and not only supply a platform, but also provide the services and ongoing support to ensure your businesses networking needs are well looked after, secure, and meet industry standards.

Our Services:

Hosted Exchange

As emails have now become part of our everyday life, losing an email, or worse all of them, can no longer be an acceptable option.

Cloud Storage

We have a wide range of cloud backup solutions, ensuring that your valuable Data is backed up regularly and off premises.

Custom Hosting

We offer and manage client specific solutions to meet the demands of any site or application requirements, Windows or Linux.

Shared Hosting

We offer general hosted solutions for your everyday needs. We offer the familiar and loved cPanel. Softaculous standard.

What Makes us Different:

Nexthost is not your everyday ISP. We focus on security, redundancy and accountability. We aim to satisfy client specific needs, and our motto has always been “quality rather than quantity”.


We eliminate finger pointing between service providers ensuring accountability! This is achieved because we do not outsource.


Applications such as cPanel, Webmail & Outlook Web Access ensure that you always have control of your account.


Multiple layers of redundancy and backups ensure a guaranteed 99.9% uptime rate. We can restore lost emails or Data fast.


Our servers are housed at Hetzner’s Data Centre.  Firewalls, Data encryption as well as 24/7 monitoring ensures a safe network.

Total Control

Depending on your needs, we can limit access geographically. This can greatly improve your security.

Quality Support

We are open during normal business hours and have standby technicians 24/7 for emergencies.

Good Hardware

HP Enterprise Servers monitored 24/7 ensure great speed & reliability, ensuring little to no downtime.

Network Security

All of our servers are located behind powerful firewalls, kept up to date and we utilise the latest IDS & NIDS.

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