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By using or reselling any of the products or services provided by Nexthost, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and understand the following: 

Nexthost is committed to providing a secure and reliable service to our customers. We will always do our best to ensure 100% uptime, and keep our customers up to date should we encounter any issues. We use various backup procedures depending on our products, however, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure their data is backed up (unless agreed otherwise). We cannot be liable for downtime or loss of data due to natural disasters or any unforeseen catastrophic failures.

Fraudulent or malicious use of any of our services will not be tolerated. We have the right to suspend any services that are in violation of this condition. This includes escort services and pornographic material. Sites with over 18’s content must be submitted for verification before publishing.

Passwords are not stored by Nexthost and we highly recommend changing your default password using the available options immediately after issuing. You are ultimately responsible for safekeeping of your passwords.

Payment is expected to be made no later than 7 days from invoice. Nexthost reserves the right to suspend services that have not been paid in full or otherwise arranged and will take no responsibility for any loss of business revenue, productivity or mail delivery due to non-payment. 


Weekdays: 08:00 - 17:00. Weekends, prior appointment and emergencies.


140a Kelvin Drive
Morning Side Manor