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Nexthost is a South African based company that offers a wide range of premium hosting solutions. We work directly with our clients to ensure they get the best results and expert advice at affordable prices. We do fast, reliable websites and applications while always following best practices. We like to think SEO and scalability from the get-go, so your site has a fighting chance of doing its job, getting you new business.

We offer and manage a wide range of small to large hosting panels like Virtualmin, aaPanel, CyberPanel and cPanel. We supply super-fast managed WordPress, Concrete5 and Joomla installations, optimised for performance and stability, ideal for web developers or clients who need a site and nothing else. We also offer high-end load-balanced Linux solutions optimised for high volume sites, and quality Hosted Exchange packages.

Our attention to detail, friendly staff and passion are what sets us apart from our competitors. We only use the best HP Enterprise hardware, and all Nexthost services are backed-up daily with free restoration. We only outsource if we believe it will drastically improve stability or security. Our primary infrastructure is housed locally, at xneelo's Johannesburg and Cape Town's N+2 Data Centres, with additional mission-critical systems and backups distributed globally.

About Nexthost

Nexthost Difference

The Nexthost Difference

When it comes to hosting companies, most of us use the same software vendors like cPanel, Plesk etc. We generally stick to their best practices, and of course, the tricks of the trade we learnt along the way. What makes Nexthost stand out is how we use these technologies together, providing what we believe to be the best of each product, in an all in one solution. We also offer a wide range of alternative solutions for specific client requirements or budget restraints. We endeavour to maintain long term relationships with our clients by ensuring that they always have great advice and superior service.

Nexthost Security

Security & Backup

Technology advances have made setting up a server a lot easier; however, lack of maintenance or knowledge can quickly end up to a compromised server. These can go unnoticed for many years, leaking passwords, sending spam email, or unknowingly participating in devastating DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are on the rise, and they are no joke! These attacks have taken down giants like GitHub, Spamhaus. and even nuclear power stations. To get you started on the right track, all of our hosting packages come standard with Imunify360 and are scanned regularly for malicious code.

Save Money

Bang for Your Buck

One of the most noticeable differences with Nexthost is the way we deliver our services. When you purchase a service from us, you generally get it all. We believe in taking responsibility for what we, the service provider, should be doing, for example, backing up your website. You will not find us trying to sell you an SSL certificate when Let's Encrypt offers excellent certificates free of charge. We don't believe in "scare-tactics", and while we want to ensure our clients have the knowledge they need, our goal is to assure our clients know that their valuable data is in safe hands.

Nexthost Client Area

Please feel free to check out our Resource Centre for updates, downloads, tutorials, our best practice guides, as well as product-related documentation. If you are not sure what you want or need, this might be the right place to start. You can also check out some more technical stuff if you would like to get your hands dirty or see what's trending in the cyber world.

Nexthost Resource Centre

Check out our Resource Centre for updates, downloads, tutorials, best practices, as well as product-related documentation. If you are not sure what you want or need, this might be the right place to start. You can also check out some more technical stuff if you would like to get your hands a bit dirty or want to keep up to date with the latest cyber news and threats.

Client Feedback

We are passionate about technology and love what we do at Nexthost; however, we do not underestimate the importance of your valuable online presence. We take every precaution to ensure your data is safe, and always educate our clients as best as possible. We love good reviews; however, if there is something you are not happy with, we want to know!



Some of our client reviews

We love hearing good reviews from our clients, as this means we are achieving our primary goal, which is "to offer superior service". Thank you for your kind words!

We wanted to upgrade our website but stick with Conrete5. When we enquired, not only were we told that they could help, but they also optimised it and showed us a few tricks and our SEO went through the roof!


The Sound Company

I believe strongly in customer and supplier relationships where you are not just a number. Nexthost has always made us feel like valued clients. They always go the extra mile to make sure we get great service.


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